Travel Shows

Our travel shows bring an amazing assortment of arthropods, mammals, and reptiles directly to you!

Giant millipedes, hissing cockroaches, furry tarantulas, and more will amaze the students and turn them on to the incredible world of the arthropods. Students can learn about defense mechanisms of these animals as well as have the chance to pet some of them!

How many types of insects can you name? Widen your horizons as you become aware of the different insects that roam the Earth. Whether in the water or on land, you’ll be in awe at the differences in their features.

See live butterflies as you explore their life cycle and learn how to make a habitat suitable for them in your home. This show goes hand in hand with out initiative to save the monarchs. You can be a part of the movement!

Did you know insects can help you determine how clean a nearby river is? Learn how while splashing around in this interactive travel show.

Dive in to the hive and learn how bees pollinate plants and contribute to the growth and diversity of many crops we eat today.

Insects have many different characteristics all suited for different environments. Learn how these traits, or adaptations, vary in insects and how they help them survive. Students will explore these adaptations and figure out what traits are suited for certain environments.

Insects may be small, but their impact is huge! Learn about their contribution to the food chain and how they help to recycle matter and maintain community structure.

Learn about the growth of insects as they go through their unique stages of metamorphosis. See live insects in these different stages as well.


$445 + $4/ mile after 15 miles

$200 deposit due upon booking. Balance due one week prior to show.

Mammals at Home and Abroad

These are live animal shows that include skunks, hedgehogs, kinkajous, armadillos, and other fuzzy friends.  Guests get to see and experience up close encounters with these exotic and mysterious creatures.  These 1 hour shows are $750 per show.

Wings of Paper Theatre Program

Nothing allows the imagination to soar quite like the chance to direct and act in your own skit in front of all your friends.  In these theatrical programs, campers get to work in small groups with trained theater professionals to create their own skits which they then perform for everyone to see.  These 1 hour workshops are $445.

Craft to the Corners

Crafting has been a means for children to explore and define their creativity for as long as camps have existed.  Developed with the help of prominent full-time artists throughout Greater Philadelphia, Craft to the Corners allows campers to try out various mixed media painting techniques and learn how art can not only be a hobby, but a profession. These 1 hour workshops are $445.

The Greener Grass

Plants are essential parts of our natural ecosystem yet most people can’t identify even half of the tree’s on their own street.  The Greener Grass programs are urban nature walks that focus on identifying native plants and understanding their important role in our local environment.  These 1 hour programs are $445.

Reflexes 101

Can you catch a tennis ball?  How about a basketball?  What if you were standing on one foot with one eye closed? Reflexes 101 is a fun, active program that challenges kids to throw, catch, and run around with common sporting balls in unusual ways. For more advanced campers, juggling lessons, trick shots, and minor magic tricks are taught.  These 1 hour programs are $445.

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