As the sun began to set, I motored toward Western Virginia and into the Shenandoah Valley. Surrounded by ancient mountains, the Shenandoah River has cut a gentle and incredibly flat valley into the landscape. Part of the valley is a National Park, and the pastoral scenes are framed by a lush deciduous forest growing on the hills.

I made camp at a State Park on the banks of the river, a gorgeous spot where I was able to land a Smallmouth Bass as the sun was setting. Using a motorcycle to travel allowed me to drive down a walking path to a primitive campsite, those with cars would have to walk the distance. I was feeling very happy about my decision as I made camp and settled in for the night.

My headlamp has both natural light and a red light, I use the red light for reading, it does not attract insects and is still bright enough to see the words.

However, there was one insect that was attracted to the red light, lightning bugs. As they dive bombed my face, I gained a new appreciation for the species. They feature a bio-luminescent abdomen that creates a flash of yellow light, thanks to a chemical reaction. They use this light to find other fireflies for mating, males are most likely to be active while females sit and wait, laying their eggs on the ground.