Earth Day Ticket (Adult)

Earth Day Ticket (Adult)


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    Do you love the Earth? Of course you do! Why wouldn’t you love your home? Come join us at the insectarium to commemorate 4.5 billion years in the making with a marvelous Earth Day celebration at the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion! Jam-packed with fun games, book readings, crafts, live animals, and more! You won’t need to celebrate hungry, food will be available at an additional cost. Taking place Saturday, April 23rd from 11am to 4pm!


    *** Face painting (All Day)

    *** Wild flower bombs (All Day)

    *** Story Time (Scheduled)

    *** Informational lectures (Scheduled)

    *** Creative crafts (All Day)

    *** Live animal handling (All Day)

    *** Large science demonstrations (Scheduled)

    *** Butterfly releases (Scheduled) 

    *** Scavenger hunts (All Day)