Bug In The System

Bug In The System


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    The year is 2022 and entomological expertise has never been as valuable to a society as it is right now.  

    With ever increasing demands on our agricultural systems and rapid urbanization sprawling across the worlds’ landscapes, the trade secrets of an entomologist have become a prized commodity that has recently caught the attention of a rather notorious and cunning group of criminals called the Ieitids.

    Information from a credible source has confirmed that on the evening of March 19th, the Ieitids will attempt to steal a number of seminal entomological texts from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

    In response to this threat, the Insectarium has decided to host an event on that very night in the hopes of using guests (along with a healthy dose of good ‘ol fashion trickery) to flush out the prospective thieves before their dastardly plans can be completed.

    Guests at this event will have to complete several tasks throughout the night to gain (or keep) security clearance while also helping create a variety of distractions and conduct covert micro-missions.

    If by some stroke of wicked luck, the Ieitids are able to convince some guests to instead join their foul cause, those guests will absolutely be thwarted, given incorrect drink orders, and likely covered in some type of slime…but that is their choice to make.

    At the conclusion of the night’s festivities, we very much hope to show that all (or at least most) of the rare entomological texts are still safely where they should be within the museum.

    Please come help us in a night where Ocean’s 11 meets David Attenborough’s Life in the Undergrowth.

    March 19th, 7-10pm