Beer Garden Event September 25th

Beer Garden Event September 25th


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    Beer Garden Event At The Philadelphia Butterfly Pavilion and Insectarium 

    Another Thirsty Caterpillar event! Come join us for beer, butterflies, and bugs. It’s an after hours extravaganza where you can explore and experience the museum like never before. The latest in our series of after-hours partying with our favorite insect – the butterfly! 

    Butterflies live amongst flowers where they taste all the different nectars, it’s the variety that keeps them happy. And just like a butterfly, you will be able to try different flavored beers and drinks throughout the night. It’s the most eclectic nightlife experience in Philadelphia and it takes place at the Butterfly Pavilion. 

    Don’t you want to be a butterfly?

    September 25th from 7pm – 10pm

    • Raffle
    • Butterfly Release
    • Roving Activities
    • Games
    • Surprise events!

    Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door. 

    A vastly different nightlife experience from the minds that brought you The Magic School Bus.