Beer Garden Event November 13th

Beer Garden Event November 13th


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    Beer Garden Event At The Philadelphia Butterfly Pavilion and Insectarium 

    A fabulous Thirsty Caterpillar extravaganza of beer and friends. Hosted at IBP, on November 13th, do you know where you’ll be drinking?

    Our butterfly pavilion is heated and tropical plants blossom year-round. Inside this amazing structure are biomes from around the world, from deserts to the rainforest. While you explore rare and beautiful plants, butterflies swarm the air all around you. It’s a magical experience that’s made better by the variety of beer offered by the bar. With over a dozen local brews to choose from, your adventure awaits. 

    November 13th from 7pm – 10pm

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    • plants
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    • ((enemies))? Maybe you can make some here
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    Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door

    A vastly different nightlife experience from the minds that brought you The Magic School Bus.